We Insulate Commercial & Residential Properties


Insulated Brick Slip Panels

We use a range of high performance exterior wall insulation systems from a number of manufacturers to suit a variety of exterior surfaces and customer's requirements. This involves fixing an insulating layer to the outside of the building, and putting a render or brick slip cladding over the top. Cladding comes in a variety of forms including brick, brick slip systems, tiles, timber or shingles. .

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Euro Brick System

Brictec's Insulated Brick Slip Tracker Panels

Euro Brick System

!00mm Brictec's Insulated Render Boards and Brick Slip Tracker Panels


Matclad Insulated Brick Slip Tracker Panels - 17mm - 25mm - 50mm - !00mm plus Bespoke sizes  

External Wall Insulation has many benefits including:

1. Reduces heating bills by reducing heat loss through walls
2. Thermal efficiency of walls can be increased by 85%
3. Environmentally friendly – reduces carbon emissions as you use less fossil fuel
4. Reduce condensation (EWI raises the temperature of internal walls)
5. Prevent damp & mould: EWI seals buildings from the elements
6. Improve acoustics: hi-density insulation reduces sound transfer

The external appearance of a building is truly an important aspect, especially to its owners, yet increasingly, with the rapid depletion of the world’s energy resources, high profile environmental issues such as climate change, are beginning to take precedence over aesthetic preferences and stringent legislation demands that the thermal performance of any building is strictly governed. External Wall Insulation is the perfect solution to this problem.