Delivering unparalleled Quality and value Nationwide

Working with top companies like Ted Baker, Morrison's, Next, Laing O'Rourke, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, KFC, Burger King, La Tasca Restaurants, Timberland the Gap Stores, Bertie Shoes, Murphy International, Network Rail, TFL and Hawes & Curtis Oxford St London, Park Homes, City Councils, Housing Associations, Football Clubs, Several Modular Companies and Sub-Contracting for many more.

From London and the South Coast to the Scottish Highlands and the East Coast to Wales, we are truly nationwide, working for top commercial clients from Oxford St Stores to Care Homes, Hotels, Apartments, Steel Framed Houses, ICF, SIP and Modular Buildings, our Family Run Company is one you can get to know and trust.

At SOS Building Group we use the ultimate Products  including cost effective A1 Fire Proof Panels, Brick Slips, Slate Veneers and Stone for Modular Buildings, Shops, Industrial, Offices, Schools and Home users, along with Render, Rain Screen and all forms of Cladding, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, approachability and the ability to supply high quality goods and Install them at the best price we can.

Our Mission
To Provide Architects and Our Clients with the absolute best value in Building Solutions Nationwide.

Our Markets
Our market emphasis lies is new construction Modular and Traditional Builds or Remodelling opportunities for commercial offices, high-rise buildings, healthcare, education, shops, pubs, industrial buildings, residential homes, hotels and student accommodation buildings.

Our Difference
As you would expect from a long-established, widely respected and trusted building company, Our technical expertise, building competency, quality of work, and ability to listen and communicate effectively are the characteristics that differentiate our company from the competition.

Our Team
We have our own teams of Bricklayers, Carpenters, Renders, Cladders and Brick Slip Installers.




Starbucks - Hawes & Curtis Oxford St London - Ted Bakers

SOS Installations shop fitting, we install and clad nationwide
Brick Slips / Tiles and all types of Cladding.


We install  Stone and Brick Slips on large projects or small nationwide
Stone and Brick Slips can be applied to any structurally sound surface with the proper preparation. It fits nearly any building plan — large or small, interior or exterior, new or old, residential or commercial and any remodelling projects.


We Build, Clad, Repair, Insulate and Improve any Building, inside and out


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Corium Brick Cladding Large or small Contracts

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We Install and repair all Brick Slip Systems


Our Sponsored under 7's Team Great Guys


terms and conditions:
SOSBG Ltd are specialists in the fitting of All Brick Slip Systems, stone/slate veneer, and brick slip tiles and do not accept responsibility for the following;
Silicone sealing to windows or doors, We only use sand cement / lime mortar. This is a job for a window fitter, After SOS leaves site, any other trades that follow after we have left nullifies any warranty given by us. non contractual work must be quoted in writing and agreed before any work commences. subcontractors working for sos on a job price, will be paid when the client pays sos, day rate is by mutual agreement in writing. any subcontractor shall not, directly or indirectly, either as an organization, or as an individual, solicit or accept, any business that competes directly with SoS from any of sos customers/clients, for a period of six months after leaving sos employ or from the personnel of any customers to whom subcontractor was introduced pursuant to working for sos. In addition, subcontractor shall not directly or indirectly use or make available to any person, firm, or corporation the knowledge of the business of SoS gained as a Subcontractor. Any fitting or refitting of new or existing facia, Soffits or skirting boards is not in our job description we are Cladders, Please ensure that you protect any vulnerable areas i.e. kitchen tops, floors and windows, we use dust sheets wherever possible. Installing brick slips: we take the greatest care and protect when working with and over kitchen tops, window sills and floors,SoS take no responsibility whatsoever for any damage to pre-installed materials, as brick slips are a phase one installation and should be installed first.Any moving and refitting of gas pipes or electrical cables including armoured cable and phone lines, we simply clad around existing or pull away from wall to get behind them, Refitting is down to the customer to get gas safe professional or electrician after our work is complete. The Ordering of skips and removing rubbish is down to the customer, we travel Nationwide installing and simply can't take the rubbish with us, as we have tight schedules, going from one job to another. The ordering of scaffold fixed or tower?, is your responsibility the client, Our fitters are trained to erect towers and take down after job is complete not Scaffold, that's the hire companies responsibility. If we have done a site survey for you, the responsibility for the numbers of Veneers/Slips or tiles is ours! but only if we have done a survey, we always re-measure when we attend site as we don't wish to run out of materials incurring you extra charges, as we have said we have very tight schedules, if we have to wait our time will be charged for, unless by prior agreement. The only time we can get behind with our fitting is if we find unforeseen problems with your property or the weather, please inform us of any abnormalities with your property i.e.: subsidence, out of plumb, uneven substrate  or concrete removal that could impact on our time. We are not responsible if your substrate or SFS system moves if it be metal or wood,
When fitting brick slips we fit to how they come off the pallet and that is how the blend will appear with a multi brick, if you require any other look please advise
We are Nationwide Installers (and we can advise) please ask us the Question!

We as Contractors we do not except late charges from Main Contractors, as that is the responsibility of the Main Contractor.
We (SOSBG Ltd), never sign up for late charges (Lad's), as being in the building trade there are so many factors to consider,
As is stated in this and our emailed terms and conditions. We are not responsible for scaffolding in any way.
All Subcontractors working for Slips on Site Ltd-SOSBG Ltd are responsible for there work and will not be paid until Client is satisfied
with there workmanship, Slips on Site Ltd-SOSBG Ltd take No responsibility for Subcontractors workmanship, we will however ensure that the
subcontractors return to site to snag, We have no responsibility to the finish of the pointing, if we can't have priority to the areas we are working on,
and no responsibility to working out of normal working hours, as night work at certain times of the year has so much moisture
in the air it will effect the colour and finish of the mortar and brickwork, as will pointing in damp and wet conditions.
As Cladders we need to install to level substrates if the substrate is uneven then this will be reflected in the cladding.